The architecture of the JVM.

Realistically, the architecture of Oracle/Hotspot, and sometimes Azul. There are many other JVMs, and they often make very different choices.

What follows is super-incomplete. I'd love a set of overviews at varying levels. The first few chapters of Scott Oak's Java Performance have some material on the JIT and Garbage Collection, but is not focused on architecture.

A JVM Does What?

By Cliff Click on the development of JVM services. Discusses several things that we'd want either the kernel or the JVM to provide.

Additionally, he claims bytecodes are slow and a poor way to describe program semantics. TODO: look into this it bytecode vs. native, or some other distinction?

Understanding How Graal Works - a Java JIT Compiler Written in Java

Java Anatomy Park

Mini-posts on JVM architecture by Aleksey Shipilëv.


Skimming the JEPs targeted to new versions of Java is a good way to keep up on new developments.


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Richard Warburton

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Cliff Click

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